Acapulco! Acapulco!

On a secluded beach, Playa del Secreto, on the western shore of Acapulco Bay, the Park Royal remembers the first time you heard the name, Acapulco. A vacation here has always been about glamour, night-life and fun in the sun. Decades go by, but Acapulco retains that edge. Today, getting the most out of an Acapulco Vacation means plenty of sleep and the perfect balance between fun and purpose.

207 luxury guest rooms comfortably recline in a fashionable residential district on one of Acapulco Bay's famous cliff-side terraces, still just 15-minutes from downtown. A river cascading through the grounds keeps the lush gardens green and breezes off the bay greet guests on the incline that whisks them down to the swimming pool, just above Acapulco most pleasant stretch of beach.


... and it's All-Included!

A private, secluded Acapulco beach, an on-site spa & fitness center, two swimming pools and a beautiful tram to ease an exciting terrain; it's all part of Park Royal Acapulco. Seafood is fresh from the sea, and outstanding Italian cooking, Mexican and International buffets are kept unbelievably fresh and piled high at three restaurants.

All-Inclusive provides unlimited drinks at both the swim-up bar and another on the deck and, at night, the Lobby Bar is a perfect hub of cheer. What's more? The Kids’ Club is loaded with fun activities scheduled literally all day, every day. There's also a whole variety of free water sports like:

• Paddle Boats
• Sail Boats
• Sea Kayaks
• Snorkeling

Don't forget. There are all-day refreshments and every inch of the hotel grounds are manicured, clean and constantly cared for by Acapulco's most dedicated and attentive staff.


What's There To Do in Paradise?

• Water-skiing
• Snorkeling
• Windsurfing

... just for starters. With games and contests for kids and a full schedule of beach, pool and sunshine activities, there's always something to get involved in. The spa provides full body relaxation and rejuvenation and after the sauna, or a massage, the hotel grounds offer endless views of the bay, the boats, the city and a free sunset everyday.

Live entertainment, nearby nightlife and a safe, rather posh residential corner of Acapulco is perfect for the deepest and most relaxing sleep of your entire vacation - every night.

How to Find Us

Costera Guitarron # 110, Fraccionamiento Playa Guitarron
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, CP 39880
Ph: ++52 (744) 440-6565++52 (744) 440-6565
Fax: ++52 (744) 440-6598++52 (744) 440-6598
Toll free from Mexico: 01 (800) 713-222801 (800) 713-2228 & 29

The Standard Room

Standard? At the Park Royal Acapulco, standard means a knock-out view of the most beautiful bay in the world plus two luxury double hotel beds, or an optional King (shown) with truly indulgent bedding set over a spotless marble floor. With a full bathroom, tub & shower, fully adjustable air conditioning, direct dial telephone, cable TV, most units are complete with a private terrace and views of the gardens or of the ocean, but these have been known to cause considerable heartbreak.

Secure electronic keys, in-room strong boxes, and an All-Inclusive plan that includes everything down to taxes and tips, mean you can leave your wallet in the strong box and thoroughly enjoy every moment in Acapulco.


Size: 282 ft2
Occupancy: Maximum 4 Adults or 2 Adults & 2 Children
View: Ocean View


Bahia Restaurant

Breakfast: 7:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Dinner: 6:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

The magnificent Bahia Restaurant provides more than spectacular views of the Acapulco Bay. Breakfast and Dinner are served next to one of Acapulco's most lavish buffets, with plenty for everyone served fresh and with key special dishes every day.

Our delicious Mexican breakfast buffet is a particular crowd-pleaser and themed dinners mean you can enjoy dishes prepared special every night of your stay.


El Pescador

Lunch: 1:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Lunch at the Park Royal Acapulco is celebrated everyday at El Pescador, a truly monumental open-air restaurant. Ocean-view dining is provided just off the deck of the main swimming pool.

With a spectacular buffet and carefully chosen and prepared a-la-carte specials, guests enjoy our legendary ceviches, magnificent salads, grilled sea food, and of course, the catch-of-the-day, every day.


La Trattoria

Dinner: 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Dress code: Formal*
Reservations Required

Mouth-watering Mediterranean fare is served up with flair and style each night at La Trattoria where our Italian chefs specialize in some of Acapulco's finest Italian cuisine.

With endless dessert and anti-pasta bars, you'll feast on some truly mouth-watering specials, and, of course, a follow-up cappuccino or espresso is mandatory. Heartbreaking views included.

*Long sleeves & close-toed shoes required. No shorts, sandals or sneakers.


La Langosta

11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Your favorite tropical drinks and cocktails are served up and you never need to leave the pool.

La Margarita

11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The center swimming pool is also home to La Margarita, where cold drinks and cocktails are served all afternoon.


Lobby Bar

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. (monday to saturday) / 13:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. (sunday)

With heartwarming views of Acapulco and the bay, the Lobby Bar is a lively place to reconnect with your travel companions before and after every trip in and out of the hotel.

El Jardin

Mon-Sat: 11:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Sundays: 1:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

El Jardin serves up lighter fare & munchies, all afternoon, by the main swimming pool.

Acapulco's Family All-Inclusive!

The Park Royal Acapulco All-Inclusive presents all of Acapulco, in one package designed so that you leave your wallet in the strong box and the smile on your face!

• Ultra-secluded, "Playa del Secreto" beach
• Two luxurious swimming pools, including a secure children's section.
• All Meals at Three restaurants
• All-Day Drinks at cocktail lounges

Plus there are many options for between meals and late into the night.

Daily activities include aqua-aerobics, beach walks, scuba demonstrations, snorkeling lessons, Mexican cooking, water polo, boogie board races, beach soccer, kayaks and pedal boats. At night there's karaoke, casino and disco nights and entertainment in the lobby. And our Kids’ Club, for tykes ages 5-12, lasts all afternoon and includes plenty to keep kids occupied.


Coffee in Lobby


Unlimited domestic and imported drinks

Kid's Club (children ages 5-12)


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at the resort's restaurants

Nightly entertainment

Access to the swimming pools and beach area

Beach soccer tournaments


Taxes and gratuities

Tour assistance

Contact our events coordinator.

Personal information
Long Distance Code + Phone Number
Event information

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Acapulco Weddings, Conferences and Expos!

You still can't say "Acapulco" without smiling. For guests, clients, vendors and employees, the word has a way of making any event more fun, more inviting and more successful.

No matter what you're planning, we have a staff of experienced events people ready to make yours the party, meeting, corporate retreat or wedding of the year. With years of experience in the Acapulco market, we can make your event the one to remember, and ultimately, we'll deliver just what you were hoping for.

We regularly host:


Events & Meetings

Special Celebrations


Indoor-Outdoor Banquet & Meeting Facilities

For weddings, conferences and celebrations, there's nothing like a view of Acapulco Bay.

Check out our photo gallery »

Event Room Floorplans

Neptuno  Coral  Sirena  Perla

Meeting room Area (sq ft) Longitude (ft) Height (ft) Width (ft) Theater Classroom U-Shape Hollow Cocktail Banquet Boardroom
Neptuno 2,475 - 13.74 - 200 100 70 80 200 150 -
Coral 473 - 13.74 - 50 25 20 25 50 40 -
Sirena 839 - 13.74 - 100 50 30 35 100 70 -
Perla 581 - 13.74 - 50 25 20 25 50 40 -
Beach area Irregular - Irregular - - - - - 500 300 -

You Can't Say No, in Acapulco

Acapulco holds a special place in the annals of the 20th Century. An invention of the post-war economic boom, it's still a story of mid-century extravagance, opulence and glamor, all with a bad boy's instinct for a little bit of fun.

One of the earliest beach destinations to really attract international attention, crowds and then burgeoning young airlines hoping to ferry mass tourists, today's Acapulco is more sophisticated, more exclusive and more beautiful.

The Park Royal Acapulco is pleasantly perched on one of the Acapulco area's famously jagged cliffs, with dramatic views of the entire bay.


Eating Out in Acapulco

From the most sophisticated international dishes to delicious fare more typical of the region, Acapulco is still a culinary masterpiece.

One of the few places in Mexico that spectacularly confronts and collides with Asian cuisine, Acapulco offers some truly world class chefs preparing challenging and exciting fare in a variety of settings.

Of course, our Concierge also recommends a range of seafood establishments from the cut-rate, right off the boat, to high end, sophisticated fine dining that highlights your own good taste.

Acapulco Shopping

  1. Wooden Masks & Sculpture
  2. Beachwear
  3. Coconut & Guava Candies
  4. Blankets & Textiles
  5. Silver Jewelry

Wooden Masks & Sculpture

Don't think tourist art, beach art, jewelry store art. Acapulco is in the Mexican State of Guerrero which produces some of the greatest traditional carved wooden and paper maché masks and painted sculpture available anywhere in the country. You can find true bargains, but even in touristy Acapulco, prices are normally very reasonable. Check the area around the Zocalo and the Artisans' Market near Plaza Bahia.

  1. Wooden Masks & Sculpture
  2. Beachwear
  3. Coconut & Guava Candies
  4. Blankets & Textiles
  5. Silver Jewelry


Pack light! The Diana outdoor market (near the Diana traffic cirlce Condesas colonia on La Costera) has terrific deals on flip flops, beachwear, trunks and linen, sports clothes and even some leather wear if you want to look sharp on your night out. Open late, the prices are good and your suitcase will thank you.

Need more? Our Concierge will be happy to direct you to one of Acapulco's upscale shopping centers!

  1. Wooden Masks & Sculpture
  2. Beachwear
  3. Coconut & Guava Candies
  4. Blankets & Textiles
  5. Silver Jewelry

Coconut & Guava Candies

Coconuts you might take or leave. But guava? Let's face it. Most people in the English language world think this is some furry little animal. The tropical fruit is a wonderful accompaniment to all the coconut you could ever want. Traditional, low in fat, it's also ravenously delicious and not something you're going to easily forget.

  1. Wooden Masks & Sculpture
  2. Beachwear
  3. Coconut & Guava Candies
  4. Blankets & Textiles
  5. Silver Jewelry

Blankets & Textiles

It's not just that they won't break on the way home. You'll find incredible bargains on hand woven and embroidered blankets, wraps, scarves, table cloths, and all kinds of incredible things made from cloth. Avoid the really heavily tourist places hawking silk-screens and head for the artists markets or the street stalls where you'll even find deals on beautifully crocheted items and hand sewed lace napkins. Of course, you can stuff your suitcase and still get everything home in one piece.

  1. Wooden Masks & Sculpture
  2. Beachwear
  3. Coconut & Guava Candies
  4. Blankets & Textiles
  5. Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Those mountains beyond the city, in the direction that no one is ever looking, have been mined for centuries for precious silver. A long tradition of smithing and jewelry craft delivers exceptional pieces down from the highlands to the port of Acapulco where you'll find varieties of dramatic high quality settings showing off Mexican fire opals among other precious stones. Check for the ".925" stamped on the back. More serious silver sleuthers should inquire with the Concierge about a day trip to the beautiful colonial city of Taxco. The round trip takes just about 12 hours.

  1. Wooden Masks & Sculpture
  2. Beachwear
  3. Coconut & Guava Candies
  4. Blankets & Textiles
  5. Silver Jewelry

Acapulco Nightlife!

  • World-Famous Baby O (looks better inside than out!)
  • Acapulco's Nightlife is Famous World Wide for Classy Joints like Mandara.
  • ... and Truly Legendary Dance Clubs like Palladium
  • Want Something a Little Classier? Try Nisha.

Culture: Old & New

The past 70 years of Acapulco history were exciting enough. But of course, the area had been inhabited for at least 1,200 years before that. If all that beach and sun has you listless there is no shortage of high culture to take in. The Fort of San Diego Museum and the House of Masks both win rave reviews from the world over. Just 50 minutes from the bay, a recently discovered ancient site called Tehuacalco includes the remains of a ball court, residential spaces and temple space. Right in the city, the amphitheater on the slopes of Mount Veladero is home to multiple thousand year old petroglyphs and a museum at the Palma Sola archaeological site.


What's There to Do in Acapulco?

Cliff Diving at la Quebrada!

Synonymous with Acapulco are the world famous La Quebrada cliff divers. Nightly cliff diving exhibitions can include dinner at El Mirador restaurant or, for a bit less, join the crowds at a number of viewing platforms. The world's most famous divers jump once in the afternoon, and 25 minute performances are scheduled throughout evenings from about 7PM. The folks from La Quebrada will even pick you up from the Park Royal, and deliver you back after the show. You get a front row seat for the longest lived entertainment anywhere on the coast.

What's There to Do in Acapulco?

El Rollo Water Park

El Rollo Water Park is a family fun park perfect for families with kids, small groups and even for larger parties. With a wave pool, miles and miles of water slides and the area's best dolphin swimming and education center, it's always high on the list of Acapulco area attractions. There's also water toboggans and tube rides, an amazing hot air balloon trip, all-day seal and dolphins shows and the world famous Tornado ride.

What's There to Do in Acapulco?

La Isla Shopping Village

A high-end shopping center, La Isla Shopping Village opened in 2008 in Acapulco's Punta Diamante neighborhood. With both Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro, Mexico's two leading department store chains, calling La Isla home it's the place to shop in Acapulco. There are also 144 shops, a man-made canal, plenty of outdoor cafes and fountains and always an incredible bargain. With a 10-screen movie theater, an aquatic entertainment park with a pool and dolphins and two night clubs, it's the place to be on the Acapulco coast.

What's There to Do in Acapulco?

Isla La Roqueta

Isla de la Roqueta is the stunning green island in the bay and the focal point for people looking out to sea from all over Acapulco. Beautiful Playa Roqueta beach is among the most perfect spots for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and some truly delightful sea side restaurants for lunch. Larger boat tours will stop on the island and a variety of glass-bottom boat tours are available to and from the island and all around where the fish are plentiful. There's an underwater statue of the Virgin of Gaudalupe and, onshore, a small zoo that's home to some of the island's more exotic inhabitants. Hiking to remote Playa Marin rewards visitors with some of the most unspoiled beach in the area.

What's There to Do in Acapulco?

Papagayo Eco-Park

Papagayo is an amazing Eco-Park right in the city that offers a bunch of outdoor fun for the whole family. With a life-size model of a Spanish galleon, a race track with Can Am cars, a replica of the Space Shuttle Columbia, a lagoon with bumper boats, and a giant-sized botanical garden, it's one of the best loved municipal parks in the country. All set around a beautiful lake, there are literally hundreds of birds and unique activities like rafting tours on the Papagayo river rapids, kayaking, rock climbing, bungee jumping and hiking tours.


So, how do I get there?

The vast majority of guests arrive to the Park Royal Acapulco via shuttle bus or taxi direct from the General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport (ACA). The trip takes less than 30 minutes and a shuttle costs about US$15-20. A private taxi costs about US$25-30